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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
^ If anything it's an argument that the city should get serious about infrastructure in West Loop. That includes flashy things like a new Metra stop and maybe a 2nd Green Line stop, but also a full grid of traffic signals, optimizing streets for throughput, proper bike lanes, changes to bus service, etc. I get that the city's resources are (currently) limited, but there's a golden opportunity for value capture through a transit TIF or other taxing structures.
I don't read it that way at all. It's a complaint over car congestion and suggests that developments which will likely stand for a century or more should be scaled down even though we can still (and absolutely should) do all those improvements. There are cheap things the city could do now like changing free parking to pay and using a lot more curb space for passenger loading/unloading that would be helpful. And yes, I'd like the city to start building a new green line station at Elizabeth pretty much yesterday and they should be able to pay for it out of a TIF.
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