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^ If anything it's an argument that the city should get serious about infrastructure in West Loop. That includes flashy things like a new Metra stop and maybe a 2nd Green Line stop, but also a full grid of traffic signals, optimizing streets for throughput, proper bike lanes, changes to bus service, etc. I get that the city's resources are (currently) limited, but there's a golden opportunity for value capture through a transit TIF or other taxing structures.

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Tishman Speyer is planning another office building in Fulton Market at 850 W Washington Blvd. Anyone with access to the article know if their are details on the project?

Tishman Speyer Plans Second Chicago Workspace Project in Fastest-Growing US Urban Office Hub
Interesting, I was wondering when something would come along to replace that "West Loop Auto Spa" or whatever it is (indoor parking garage). Interesting location for an office project, being south of Randolph. It's only zoned DX-3, so I'm guessing Tishman will have to get a zoning change to build anything significant there. We'll probably hear more about it in coming months.
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