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They don't have a defined Phase 1. If you see Phase 1 on any marketing materials, take that with a huge grain of salt.

I imagine Related is trying to push several different sections of the development at once to see what will draw interest from tenants and investors. Whatever gets built first will affect everything else. Also note that the stuff along the east side of the site is dependent on a huge and costly tunnel for the Rock Island Line, so they probably can't afford to start there first.

If they get the casino license, then they'll probably use the momentum to focus on hospitality and entertainment for the surrounding development. Last year we also heard they were courting large corporate tenants to anchor a new office building. If some corporation commits to leasing office space, that will also affect everything else. DPI is a go, but who knows when the state will come through with funding? I don't even think they've authorized OMA to proceed with the design.

And of course on the infrastructure side, it's hard to court tenants or even bring them to the site without street access, so that needs to get done. The site still feels like the end of the earth.
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