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I'm in the camp that likes this building. Yes it's a glass box but with a fair amount of nice, simple but effective details. The horizontal white bands contrasting especially noticeable black vertical lines between glass panes which are not just a perfect grid but varied in pattern. Furthermore, the construction looks "tight", sharp and crisp. Look at Solarwinds second picture on post #341 for example. That is a fricken tight corner and looks bad ass imho.

Finally, this building is kind of in a peculiar location as far as Michigan Ave goes. It is tucked away from the vast open space of Millenium park, fairly hidden from any type of full view like the other buildings facing Grant Park, etal. Michigan Ave is sort of broken into two parts divided by Wacker, a very robust and busy street. The block or so south of Wacker is a bit in no mans land. I would think people are either on the Mag Mile portion or the portion facing the parks.

I don't blame the developer one bit for choosing not to waste valuable resource doing some fancy pants design that no one will hardly see from the parks. And still, it's not bad at all. Very nicely constructed. And with all those operable windows on every floor, it could add an unexpected air of coolness to it in the summer months. Like little fins randomly jutting out of a wall of glass.
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