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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Interesting... I'm not sure there's a market for another venue of this size in Chicago, but LVDW might know more than me. Seems like that could also create transportation issues, although it will be (sort of) walkable to Clybourn for the suburbanites.
I mean the market for that size range is always crowded. It's been less crowded since Congress was shuttered, but this basically just gurantees Congress will never open again since there will be multiple venues in that size range competing for a finite number of acts.

Of course there's always the possibility that Chicago's music scene just explodes in size/scale/variety, but we haven't been that market since the 50s or 60s when Jazz was gradually pushed aside by rock and roll.

It also depends on the configuration of the venue. If it's 100% seated all the time, it doesn't really compete with venues like what Congress used to be or what Aragon is. Certain acts won't do standing room only and others won't do seated.

I suppose that the legions of gentry that have piled into downtown could be driving new demand that Sterling Bay is aware of and trying to capture. A few hundred thousand new yuppies in a decade could buy a shit ton of tickets.
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