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Originally Posted by Chicago_Forever View Post
You're obviously not familiar with the Loop. Yes, 130 Franklin is the only open lot left but there are over half dozen (huge) parking garages circling the Loop that I'd rather see make way for a supertall than the JTC. I do hope Reschke take advantage of the allowable FAR and build the supertall Jahn envisioned as part of the reimagining of the JTC in the future. I mean, this is the same guy that proposed the Fordham/Chicago Spire and the original Walsdorf Astoria so there's hope, I'd like to think.
Please tell what parking garages are the size of a full block like Thompson center in the central loop? A supertall in the loop is gonna need a very large lot considering since Chicago doesn't do tall and thin... there are maybe 2 lots . Outside the loop fringes and south loop are not what im talking about.
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