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Originally Posted by rivernorthlurker View Post
Love it. Great news. As far as the supertall disappointees go - this will just displaces that potential to a different location. I think with the city's deadline for 130 N Franklin will get something u/c there in 2022. Also this means JP Morgan will not be leasing here and they still need up to 1 million sqft as they previously said and will have to build that somewhere else. I actually think JP Morgan will build on 130 N Franklin but we'll see.
130 N Franklin - like this site - would be a great spot for a non-blue glass supertall to break up "the wall"

Originally Posted by Mr Downtown View Post
Government is really the only sector with any office demand in this part of the Loop, and they don't want tiny floorplates built at high costs per square foot. Residential? There are lots of places in Chicago with views that are easier to promote to overseas buyers.
This site sits on top of our two busiest train lines and, if tall enough, would boast amazing panoramic views of our skyline, lake, sunsets, and basically another city's worth of buildings rise in West Loop. It could be the One Vanderbilt of Chicago. I'm sure a well-thought mixed use scheme could've done very well here also.

I'm not the biggest fan of the building to begin with, but appreciate its postmodern campiness as a relic of its time. Unfortunately looks like that will be renovated.
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