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I guess half a loaf is better than none, but . . .

I sure would have preferred to see it restored to its original glory rather than saving only the structure. Invest in the double-glazing that Jahn specified but the state VE'd out 40 years ago. Wall off the upper floors from the atrium if necessary for noise and security. Fix the airflow and glare problems (we can do wonderful things nowadays with frits). But keep it the great salmon, aqua, and silver second state capitol Jahn and Thompson dreamed of. Not more than a decade from now, folks will be passing around pictures of what the building looked like in 1985 with the caption We used to have a country. A proper country. They'll be utterly incredulous that some opportunists obliterated its grandeur in a well-intentioned—aren't they always?—2024 remuddling.

Folks dreaming of supertalls never explain what would fill such a thing. Government is really the only sector with any office demand in this part of the Loop, and they don't want tiny floorplates built at high costs per square foot. Residential? There are lots of places in Chicago with views that are easier to promote to overseas buyers.
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