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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
I have a lot of confidence in Onni Group, they seem like a well oiled machine. Their multi-tower project at Wells/Division was pretty smooth sailing.

They seem to like multitower projects that are big enough to give them years of work, but just small enough to be able to pull off in one fell swoop; ie they aren't going to be left holding the bag on a half developed parcel due to bad planning, changes in market conditions, politics, unexpected financial issues, etc which can often occur with these really huge mega-projects like Lakeshore East, 'The 78', Lincoln Yards, etc.

I applaud Onni for their "Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am" approach, even if their designs aren't the best. They get towers built, and that matters.
That speed will be really helpful here. This will be a very isolating place to live as one of the first move-ins. I think the closest restaurant will be the jerk chicken place at Chicago and Halsted, which will require a walk past a material handling yard and crossing two 6 lane roads to get to. The faster they get all the towers up, the faster this area gets critical mass to support retail tenants, the faster they get the park finished, etc.
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