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Not trying to be a debbie-downer, but prepare yourself for a possible haircut to the 700-800 ft range.

I have no official information other than history (400 LSD, One Chicago, WPS, both WL high-rises that were originally 600+ft, and 1000M). It is an extremely disappointing trend.
Chicago does seem to be allergic to supertalls as of late, even before covid.
I'd note the Vista Tower actually got a height increase to be the second highest roof in the city (albeit barely). Not saying Chicago hasn't disappointed but it's not all bad.

Didn't 110N Wacker get a bump too?

Unless the condo market magically gets better I could definitely see this one switching to rentals like 400 LSD, 1000M.
That could be a wise move, or at least more rentals than Condos
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