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Originally Posted by aaron38 View Post
I have zero nostalgia and love for the Thompson center. About the only thing that would make me excited for a Chicago casino would be to demo the entire thing and build a new retail, dining, casino, hotel complex with a supertall tower.

I'd love to see a design competition around that.
Couldn't agree more... trying to salvage that mess of a building is just a desperate look. I walk through it all the time and beyond the atrium, what is there to like about it? The exterior is hideous, the office space is aged, it's inefficient in space usage, and even the atrium itself isn't utilized very well.

Perhaps whatever is built there to replace it can insert some sort of atrium as an homage to the building, but the sooner it is sold and demo'd, the better off everyone will be. We'll actually be able to generate tax revenue from the plot of land for once
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