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Originally Posted by HomrQT View Post
It would be absolutely fantastic to have a casino that blends so well into our urban fabric like this.
Again, the London casinos are not a good example. They are strongly focused on table games with relatively few slot machines. This means the gambling floor, and the building it sits in, can be designed differently. This kind of setup might work in Vegas focusing on high rollers, but probably wouldn't appeal to the gambling clientele in Chicago, so no American casino operator is gonna do that.

Then there's the scale issue. The Chicago casino authorized by state law has up to 4000 gambling positions. This is more then 3x as large as Rivers Casino in Des Plaines and somewhat larger than Horseshoe Casino in Hammond - although dining, entertainment, and hotel options also go into determining the overall size of the building. I don't know that you can fit a casino of this size into a historic building like the London example. And since the city is relying on the revenue from a new casino to fill budget holes, you can bet they will push any casino operator to max out the full 4000 positions.
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