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Originally Posted by Investing In Chicago View Post
I think Lakeside Center is a terrible idea - there wouldn't be a hotel component attached to LC, which any Casino Operator would most definitely require, and any operator will want flashy signage, ala Vegas or AC, something LC would not allow, or if it did, would look god awful on the lakefront.

My money is on some sort of development that resembles Encore in Boston.
There are existing hotels directly tied into the McCormick Complex. They could add more in conjunction with the proposed expansion. Would be quite interesting actually to make a mega convention hotel casino complex like that.

But I agree with the notion that it should be Thomson Center. That gaming floor with a huge atrium would send gamblers into a frenzy just because of the setting. The upper floors would make a fantastic hotel and the mechanical issues could be remedied during the conversion.

Speaking of vintage Jahn HVAC, I happened across a cache of original mechanicals blueprints for the UAL terminal at OHare. The antiques mall had no idea what they were sitting on, paid $8 a page for them. Also grabbed two sectionals of the theater at the end of Navy Pier that I found in that stash. Am framing them the add to my collection of Chicago planning memorbelia. I'm running out of wall space and these things are 3x4' without matting and frames. Gonna need another Airbnb to support my habit!
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