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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
It doesn’t matter if it is classy. It just needs to make money, and preferably out of town money.

I’m not thinking James Bond when I think of this casino. I’m thinking of the fat dude with a goatee who spends $900 on Blackjack
Everything he thinks about has to be aimed at the upper-class.

I've been to casinos in the middle of Mississippi rice fields to Vegas to the MGM in DC. I prefer the cheaper versions of casinos. MGM has like 50 dollar mins on their tables during off-peak times. Now, on Roulette I spend way more than that on one spin, but its the point.

Casinos are like bike lanes. It equally causes people to freak out. I won't dismiss people's concerns, of course, but I think they are overblown.
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