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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
Nothing creates a classy environment like a bunch of baseball fans rolling in wearing jerseys and caps.

If it’s in a South Side neighborhood more than 10 minutes’ taxi south of McCormick Place, then no one will go except locals to squander their paychecks. Plain and simple.
Give up on “classy”. This ain’t London or Monaco. The American gaming industry is just fundamentally unable to deliver classy - at best they deliver a gaudy spectacle that is precisely targeted at wowing “baseball fans in caps and jerseys”. The most recent attempt at this is Steve Wynn’s casino in Boston, that’s his idea of “classy”.

The best you can hope for is balancing appeal to tourists and longtime gamblers, and the Near South Side does that. Sox Park is only five minutes from McCormick Place by cab or Uber, there’s an expressway directly connecting the two. Plus it’s right on top of the Chinese community that heavily patronizes the Indiana casinos currently.
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