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Originally Posted by HomrQT View Post
Vegas, Reno, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Miami, Bangkok, Macau, and San Jose would all disagree with you there.
Of the cities on your list where I've seen the casinos (Vegas, Reno, NoLa, AC, Miami), in every case the casinos detract from the urban sphere, and really all these cities have pretty terrible urbanity except for a few blocks of Miami Beach and NoLa. I doubt there's a city on the planet where a casino is a net positive for urbanity. Possibly Monte Carlo, but that's more a civic building/theater that happens to have a casino space, and not really relevant to modern casino-building.

Also, I'd be really surprised if it went near McCormick Place/Museum Campus. Nothing says kids trip downtown like a visit to the aquarium, Field Museum, oh, and a slots emporium. And someone who attends conferences monthly, I've never heard of colleagues visiting local casinos (plus there's barely any time; if you have a moment from working/networking you nap or catch up on emails).

And, unless you're Vegas or Macao, a casino isn't really a visitors attraction; it's for locals. Casinos are everywhere these days.
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