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Originally Posted by OrdoSeclorum View Post
The Crains article said that others will be considered, but that Lightfoot campaigned on keeping it out of downtown. I expect that the revenue projections will show that Michael Reese is by far the most profitable due to McCormick attendance and parking availability. Would probably draw from the Museum Campus too. Though State and Pershing is interesting. White Sox games could lead right into a casino evening. And with the Bronzeville and Chinatown already sort-of booming, and IIT close by, I could see the casino anchoring enough economic activity to move the needle on a near South Side resurgence.

As long as a Casino can be walked into from the sidewalk, isn't surround by surface parking and doesn't require entering in through a parking garage or a Bellagio-style 300 yard setback, I'll be happy. And I'd like there to be a sorts book.
Nothing creates a classy environment like a bunch of baseball fans rolling in wearing jerseys and caps.

If it’s in a South Side neighborhood more than 10 minutes’ taxi south of McCormick Place, then no one will go except locals to squander their paychecks. Plain and simple.
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