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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Casinos are inherenly anti-urban and require blank walls, large floorplates, no windows or natural light, no clocks or obvious time-indicators, and no outside distractions. It would be best to put the casino as far from downtown as possible, with the primary objective recovering present losses from Indiana.
Vegas, Reno, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Miami, Bangkok, Macau, and San Jose would all disagree with you there. Once you are inside the building they want to turn you into a money spending zombie that would prefer to be inside their casino than elsewhere, hence why they have restaurants, hotels, shopping literally built into large casinos now. But the urban environment brings people in droves. The thing I will agree with you on is the large floorplate is not something I'm a fan of, as I prefer really tall buildings over short beefy buildings, but it still gets a pretty dense amount of people in there. The walls could be whatever they want it to be. Vegas does some interesting things with some of their casino designs. Hell Miami has straight up neon decorated art deco casinos that are really cool.
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