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Originally Posted by left of center View Post
As someone mentioned earlier, it will probably end up taller than TTC. They just haven't announced that yet to not pique the interest/rage of the POTUS. No point in drawing any unwanted attention to this project until the design is finalized and the alderman is fully on board.
Still early. For all we know, the units could could be raised or lowered. 220 hotel rooms and 158 condo units as of now. Ideally, given the area, they should shoot for more hotel units. Those 158 condo units will most likely be very expensive, and depending on the market, it may very well fluctuate. I have optimism in Chicago selling them.

Hopefully a reveal by summer. That's ages away though in terms of skyscraper suspense. Hell, raise the hotel units, add a couple of floors, and make it the tallest to the roof IMO. Why aim for 2nd.
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