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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
Hedge funds, private equity, media firms, etc.

That's what I meant by boutique offices, and there is a market for super prime locations, for companies whose very picky and highly paid employees prefer them. That's why there is tons of office space in Mayfair or Park Avenue. It's a different niche, but it exists.

Anyone involved in any kind of trading is going to want to be in the Loop in order to be as close as they physically can be to either the exchanges or high density fiber. I can't see them moving to a site if it penalizes them in terms of how fast they can execute trades vis a vie competitors with more proximate locations. Likewise law firms probably aren't going to find that area to be very attractive due to its distance from the Daley Center and Federal Plaza, unless of course there's a significant discount to the rent they currently pay.
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