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Originally Posted by left of center View Post
Ha! I love the ambition, but don't forget that you'd level a lot of charming, historic and walkable neighborhoods for all those new high rises. I wouldn't mind mixing in a lot of taller development into these neighborhoods in areas that are already underdeveloped (empty lots, parking lots, ugly retail strip malls, etc.), especially if they are transit oriented.

My biggest pet peeve right now is the old Cabrini site. Its frustrating how long its taking to redevelop the area. I would absolutely love for the plans to call for high rises, especially along the river and clustered along Clybourn and Division. It would help connect downtown with the North/Clybourn corridor, better integrating the latter into the 'greater downtown' area.

We will probably see mostly lowrises and townhomes unfortunately.
Charming, historic, and walkable neighborhoods...

Damn, you got me. It's like the puppy dog eyes of the architectural world. You guys win. We'll only build on surface lots and torn down parking garages,

But you are absolutely correct that we have underdeveloped areas yearning for new construction that are moving way too slowly.
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