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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
Suppose a retail/light commercial footprint at the base, I'd like to see the existing businesses/restaurants (And I'm speaking in general with developments) to be incorporated.

Often towers rise, but in doing so, they remove the very sources of street life and what makes a street great in the first place. Deals with the owners, reopening businesses after X development is finished would be nice. What won't be good is a TGI Fridays or some garbage establishment replacing the good old mom n' pop food joints.

Again, just speaking in general here.
I definitely like this idea^^^ and this is pretty much what I have been getting at. The supertall will be the star of the show at this location without a doubt. What lies at its base should be something to encourage vibrant street life. Often towers lose this and make neighborhoods sterile and frigid. Keeping and incorporating the restaurant may or may not be the cure-all for this issue but I think it is a step in the right direction.

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