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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
"will" being the operative word in that sentence.

we aren't there yet, and regardless of what people in manhattan or brooklyn or timbuk-fucking-tu do, chicago is absolutely still a city where most people of means own a car, and as such, the real estate market caters to that demand.
But this building, and others, aren't being built for now. They're being built for the future, and they will be with us for a long time.

And much like emissions standards, or forward thinking countries (i.e., not the US) setting dates by which all vehicles must be electric, government has a role in nudging people toward these inevitable changes.

They need to ban above ground parking in Chicago now. It will be priced into developments. It will slow the pace of development a bit. But it will make the city a better place for generations to come.
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