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Originally Posted by IrishIllini View Post
They're not in the best shape, but I'll be sad to see the row houses on Dearborn bite the dust for this development. Hopefully they aren't demoed until financing and all that has been secured. Don't want a repeat of the 808 N Wells financing center that knocked the historic building only to go belly up shortly after.
Originally Posted by left of center View Post
Was just looking at them on Google Street view, and I agree would be a shame to lose them, especially when it appears that the nondescript retail buildings on the corner of Dearborn and Superior are going to be spared. Ugh.
I've *always* wanted those buildings moved a block north, just north of Lawson. Lawson would lose some parking spaces, but if the developer "donated" the buildings to Lawson and moved them there for Lawson, Lawson could then sell them for several million each and everyone wins - Developer gets lauded for preserving them, that block gets more historic-looking buildings and loses visible parking lot, and Lawson gets some added cash it could invest in facilities or just throw into an endowment. I don't know what it would take to do that, but if anyone has contacts at Lawson or with the developer it seems like something worth suggesting. In my thinking, Pearson would then also be extended through to Dearborn as a pedestrian "street," improving walkability in the area, too.
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