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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
^ It's a positive thing that this part of River North is basically a sea of parking garages with no street life?

We shouldn't be building parking into buildings anymore. Uber exists, and self driving cars are coming soon. It isn't necessary anymore.

I bet they'll stick a blank concrete wall behind that worthless little building on the corner (which will now never be economical to replace) as well.
They are proposing 600 spaces for 900 units. That's shockingly low for a luxury building. Also, that's like one floor of parking on a lot this size, I would be surprised if it's below grade. The real reason for the podium is retail and apparently to support a large amenity deck. Then again, such a huge amount of retail is also questionable in this day and age.

Originally Posted by left of center View Post!8i6656

Not the biggest loss, but still a shame to lose that sort of human scaled vintage building stock, especially in this part of downtown. Certainly hurts more knowing the crap at the corner of Superior and Dearborn will be sticking around.
Eh, not a huge loss, two of them are nice, one is already fucked up. I normally hate losing these types of buildings around here, but I'll trade two for the evisceration of the largest surface lot in the city.
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