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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
Can someone post pictures of the low rises that are coming down for this?

Edit: Never mind, I see them now.

Those should be retained, not the shitty restaurant (by the looks of the food) and dry cleaner. Why must every large building in Chicago be built over a goddamn parking podium?

I'd rather this thing stay on the back burner until the rules are changed around that. Build the two towers. Leave the three 19th century buildings as is. Tear down the building on the corner as soon as possible (small buildings are nice, one-story buildings with zero architectural interest are not).
This is exactly why it is helpful to live in a city and experience it in order to judge what is or is not good for that city. It can be difficult to judge food strictly by a picture. The same for atmosphere. You have to see it, smell it, taste it... experience it.

I don't think ANYONE is saying that they prefer that this building stay over the 19th century buildings. But if those have to go and the little restaurant has to stay, I submit that having this street scale restaurant stick around is not necessarily a bad thing.


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