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Originally Posted by rlw777 View Post
Seriously WTF bkl?
Why on earth would an architect be making design changes to a condo tower next door built many years ago?

If anything, direct the question to Magellan as to why they're not building a bustle. Presumably they and the architect decided a slim unadorned tower was best here. Then the question really is whether the neighboring condo association could be convinced to spend money to beautify their ugly wall, for the benefit of the new tower, and the neighborhood, and themselves. In fact, this render can work to put a little bit of pressure on the Chandler; any miscellaneous opposition they have to the new project could be alleviated by Magellan offering to kick in some money for ivy (or a mural of a sailboat?) to de-uglify their building. (I'm assuming there's no existing obligation for Magellan to address the blank wall.)
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