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Originally Posted by SamInTheLoop View Post
^ ^^Actually, it might be under construction. Do we know for certain that this building has a caisson foundation? It's always possible it's a steel pile foundation.....don't forget, a lot of towers in the South Loop - this area (directly behind - 1333 S Wabash, 1401 S State, for example used steel pile foundations), and also closer to the river/Printer's Row/Roosevelt Collection area, where several projects are also on steel piles and/or micro-piles......actually, now that I think about it - also due north, as one or both of the towers under construction in the 1100 block of S Wabash used piles as well.....

Not sure what the practical maximum tower height/size is for piles....if this one is, it will be the tallest/largest in personal memory locally....
I heard that this building does indeed have piles for a foundation instead of caissons from someone on the design team.

FYI, the official ground breaking was yesterday, not that that has any association with being U/C