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Count me in as pretty underwhelmed with this one. Don't get me wrong - this is a fine design on its own. However, my unenthusiastic reaction upon learning that Goettsch got this job is definitely reinforced by the design. It's a Goettsch.
It's kinda what I expected. They do what they do, and they do it well. I'd have preferred to have seen someone else get this commission, which I think would have happened had Riverside/O'Donnell not gotten in on the deal. Developers who exclusively work with a single design architect really annoy me.....there's a certain laziness at play, whether they recognize it or not....

Goettsch and Pickard - I'm definitely looking for other architects to jump into the downtown office design scene. And - this is why I've been so excited for the Ronan and Kreuck and Sexton towers.....which, by the way - I think Ronan's will turn out to be a gem, and have fingers crossed that K+S's will land its anchor deal in the next few months and kick-off - because I think that will be a gem too (although, I hesitate to even type this, but 110 will have some obstruction on 130's w view from upper floors).....
It's simple, really - try not to design or build trash.