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^ ^^ ^^^ I find the negativity on this one particularly perplexing......

Also, it's still 36 stories, 820-830k sq ft, the 32 story, 710k sq ft version stats have always been floating around, but Buck will build just about up to what they're allowed to in the PD here - it wouldn't make sense to undershoot here at this particular juncture in this cycle....

I'd picked up on those renderings which seem to 'cut out' the rounded corners a few months ago (see first post in thread).....can't say if it's VD'd version or not, as these are quite low resolution....probably wise - as sentinal alluded to - not to draw sharp conclusions just from these. I'm sure this will turn out to be a very nice, elegant box though, even if the curved glass corners were in fact nixed. Ronan is a tremendous talent, and I expect this to be a very solid contribution to this boom - and potentially a nicely understated highlight
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