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Originally Posted by SamInTheLoop View Post
^ With this BRT stuff, I wonder what the ridership will be like going the other way - from East to West, particularly given the tremendous growth in residential and hotels in the East Loop, LSE and Streeterville - people going to West Loop offices.....?? Perhaps not that much, but maybe.......
Yeah, this may be a significant ridership driver. I think it won't have a huge impact on development, though - people living in the downtown area already have a relatively short commute to work. Living in Streeterville and commuting to West Loop isn't very daunting, even if it is slow. At that distance, biking or walking makes a lot of sense in addition to bus. The BRT has a much bigger impact on suburban Metra riders, who (thus far) have hated to tack on a 20 minute bus ride to a 40-60 minute train ride, and this has driven office investment in West Loop locations, even west of the Kennedy which was unimaginable 15 years ago.
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