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The Fairmont hotel across the street seems to stay pretty busy, and for whatever reason they use it for VIPs. Biden stayed there for the 2012 election. They blockaded all of Columbus with snow removal trucks parked sideways in the street to lock the area down. There's the Raddison inside Aqua, and the Swissotel around the corner and that giant (but aging) Hyatt Regency across the street. I think that area gets overlooked as a hotel center.

201 will be able to say "steps from Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park".

Based on the newsletter, Reilly seems to be pretty responsive to complaints about traffic problems Randolph, like loading/unloading trucks blocking the bike lanes and clogging up the ramps. I think randolph needs to go on a major diet and become much more pedestrian friendly around Columbus if they want to cater the parks to the influx of visitors coming via LSE. No idea why the dead-ending street has to be as wide as an average freeway right there.
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