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Oooooooh exciting!!!

Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
Not sure which one of us you were responding to, but I know of another upcoming hotel tower downtown by a Chicago based architecture firm that does not yet have a single highrise in the city. They have done some very high profile adaptive reuse and restorations here, but nothing tall and new. I can't disclose the details, but it's an exciting project. It hasn't shown up here yet.

There are a lot of brands trolling for sites here, but even more existing brands with an extant presence here that are looking to cash in further on the Chicago hotel boom. I'm still not so sure we are seeing a glut of hotel rooms yet. There will inevitably be a crash of some sort in the hotel industry here, but not until the next recession reduces demand for more rooms. The city has a pretty good self-sustaining travel boom going on.
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