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^^^^ I agree....really making full use of this site, and it's accessibility.

Very interesting hotel choices as well.

What's exciting is that I think there are probably a bunch of other brannds without a flagpole yet in Chicago that are now actively looking for an outpost as part of new development deals. Didn't you actually mention something along this line fairly recently?

I'd be surprised if both SLS and Yotel (originally looked at as options for 201 Columbus) are not currently looking. And then you have Mandarin Oriental, perhaps Shangri-La, and I'm sure at least a few others that want to establish a presence in Chicago, not to mention new independent boutique names.

One thing though about the 5ish star flags.........My guess is that as far as new development, we're more likely to see those proposals come back when the new construction condo market's a natural fit to combine luxury condos with a super high end hotel, and also makes sense from a land cost perspective (and from a high-rise fan's perpective)......I mean, while the Peninsula Chicago is certainly one of the country's best hotels, I think most/all of us here would generally not like to see more of that built!
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