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Originally Posted by joeg1985 View Post
Didn't they say there would be no parking? Does the parking in the stacking diagram already exist?
The online info we currently have indicated that the (below Upper Columbus) parking would possibly be extended from where the Aqua parking currently ends - they'll probably knock out the southside reinforced CMU walls and extend the parking to the property line abutting BCBS, which is basically what the diagram shows as well.

Columbus is interesting because it's more than just the two levels: Upper Columbus dies into Randolph to the south and Wacker to the North; Lower Columbus cuts through from Grant Park, over the river and into Streeterville; Lower Lower Columbus is primarily a service street with lower level access at grade with the LSE park. I used to have the Aqua site plan from when I worked on the building years ago; I'll scan something if I can find those drawings..
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