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Originally Posted by Swicago Swi Sox View Post
If there is a big blank wall, hopefully they can keep these Trees intact. They are fairly semi-mature in size. It would be a shame to have to start over. I am not holding my breath though. If they embraced the plaza and put some retail on that side it would great. Some kind of cafe or something? I would quess that BCBS may not be into that though, considering that there is still no connection between their plaza and the second floor entrance to Marianos...
Not blank, but looks like there will be no doors on the ground floor facing south. There are a few terraces facing BCBS on the 2nd/3rd floors of the podium. Mostly spandrel glass.

The first floor of 201 N. Columbus is actually a few feet higher than the BCBS plaza, so any access there would require stairs/ramps.
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