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^Thank you LVDW.

Chicago has never been a city that looks backward for its architecture. This neoclassicist attempt by Stern should thusly get little love from Chicago forumers. With that said, most of us here knew that this was the kind of building we were going to get when Related announced that RAMSA was going to design a building at this site.

Moreover, the more pressing issue here is the lack of quality in building materials and the destruction of a rather successful public space. When will Related start to treat Chicago as a legitimate market and begin to provide a top-tier product? 500 LSD, while most assuredly profitable for Related, was an architectural bore with terrible glass quality; 111 W Wacker was a letdown that was worsened by bad floor plans and corner-cutting. And now they're "raising" architectural standards by bringing in a boring classicist design (which is by no means the worst thing that's happening in Chicago [as some people on the forum may like you to believe], but certainly worth criticism) that will use precast above the second floor. If we're going to have to live with this boring building, can't it at least be built with quality? Is that too much to ask Related? Or will we be subjected to even more schlock that they've been providing the Chicago market, especially if and when they pry the Spire site out of Kelleher's cold, dead hands?

And then there's the park. We'll see what happens to it, but it's just sad that we're going to lose an already successful public space. Perhaps the new design can manage to create a space that caters to dogs as well as families and peace-seekers, but that remains to be seen.

But one compliment: the artist who made the watercolor did a very nice job. The detail on the painting is quite good.
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