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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
No, read the article. Reilly point-blank called the park "a failure" and said it needed to be replaced. I don't even know if Related was intending to redesign the park before Reilly stuck his tasteless greasy meddling fingers into the project. Developers don't generally go around spending money they don't need to.

I'm torn on MVVA doing the re-design... on the one hand, his team can be undeniably talented and creative, but the firm itself is stuck in Olmsted's shadow. Maggie Daley Park might be nicer than the old Daley Bi, but it looks like a chunk of Central Park or Lincoln Park... we were designing that crap 100 years ago. It's 2014, we can do something fresh and innovative.

Now MVVA is fixing to tear up one of the few nice, fresh modern parks we have downtown, by a world-renowed firm (not just some local hacks) just so the wealthy new residents can get a swingset and a place for their dogs to crap. It's like when Trump ripped out all the nice grasses in his riverfront plaza, except worse - and that plaza had the same original designer as Parkview West! Hargreaves can't get no love around here.
I responded to this comment about park design in the General Developments forum
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