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Originally Posted by Chi-Sky21 View Post
I would think building onsite power generating capabilities for backup might just cost a little bit. Just sayin.
I include that under "necessary equipment" just as I would include the cooling towers and other HVAC equipment that will be needed. The point is that the infrastructure, location, and structure are all nearly perfect and all they need to do is install the equipment they need which includes servers, security systems, HVAC, generators, etc..

Also, they might not even need a generator at this site if they have an Automatic Throwover Switch (ATS) with dual (or even more rarely triple) feeds to two different transformer yards. Typically an ATS is greatly preferred to a generator backup as it is seen as more reliable in all but the most extreme power failures. That really depends on the level of clients they are pursuing though as certain clients will even back up the ATS with a generator just in case of a radical event where all the power in the entire region goes down, not just one yard or another. However, if something like that happens you are a pretty fucked anyhow as the odds are that the relay stations along the fiber lines will go down due to the power outage as well completely cutting your internet connection. There is not much you can do to plan for widespread/regional blackouts.