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A few notes from tonights meeting

-ABC Building to be refurbished

-bowl for the arena will be sunken below grade

-facades will be lined with active spaces

-truck elevators that will lower them to the lower level
-trucks will be staged in the MPA garage as there's internal circulation

-it's an event center, not just a basketball arena

-seats will be retractable

-height of the roof at the eaves about the height of trees at the edge so it's more pedestrian friendly and the roof will swoop up at the center

-50' at edge and 90' at top
-skybridge connecting event center to hotel at 2nd floor

-30,000 sq foot ballroom

-financing shifting. all TIFF used will go toward the hotel and none to the event center

-event center 1/2 by MCPier and 1/2 by DePaul

-2,500 permanent jobs and 10,000 construction

-Goal is to be in the ground by early 2015 and to be done by 2016/17 for both the arena and the tower

-fixed seating is about 10,000 for ballgames and about 8,000 for concerts

-prediction/estimate of up to 60 events the first year

-roughly 1,200 room hotel

-approx 150 parking spaces underground for hotel

-60 stories 600'+

More to come.....