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Both Michaels and TJX seem to be on expansion sprees. I guess scrapbooking is more lucrative than I thought.

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Is solstice dead? And what about these new developments like the Village Center; is it on track to be built and will they include condos or will it just be apartments?
Solstice is on indefinite hold. City Hyde Park will be apartments, and its developer is comfortable holding them as apartments (i.e., that's what they usually do). New condo developments are very difficult to finance these days, since the Chicago condo market has been soft for several years; only in the past few months have prices started to turn around. New-ish condos in Hyde Park can be had for great prices (try a few blocks west on 53rd), and vintage? Oh, wow. Huge spaces in beautiful buildings for a song. I'd ask your realtor to take you through some of those co-ops in Indian Village/Chicago Beach just for a peek at how the 1% lived during the Gilded Age.
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