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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
I was in Evanston's city hall today and saw this cool aerial of central Evanston hanging on a wall in the basement, so I snapped a quick pic with my phone, hence the poor quality.

Chicagoland's Best Suburban Downtown

I might argue it's the best suburban downtown in all of the midwest by a long shot.

1. Direct access from downtown to the lake
2. Beautiful historic neighborhoods
3. Downtown filled with a diversity of chain and mom/pop retail, restaurants, and bars.
4. Good traditional urban density. Nothing fabricated, or "new urbanist" about it. The real deal.
5. Direct access to frequent CTA and Metra access to other suburbs and the city of Chicago.
6. Contains a top ranked university.

I'm one of those people that travel on a regular basis to cities all across the US...big and small. I have an open mind and try to look for the best in everything I see, but I have yet to find a suburb in the midwest that has it all like Evanston.
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