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Originally Posted by emathias View Post
The front plates do look flat. But look at the back half of the roofline. It approaches the north face of the main tower a full floor above the front half. A garage doesn't need sloped floors on all sides, just on one.

I could be wrong - none of us really know what's going on there - but if it's parking, it looks like several other older buildings downtown - it wouldn't be some radically new design to do it that way.
I see what you mean. To me, it looks like the roof is flat (it might have some sort of hilly landform on top, but essentially flat) and the main tower has a cut into it facing the alley, like a reveal joint that visually separates the tower from the annex. My guess is that the cut in the tower is where the access to the roof deck is, and it's set back to form some sort of overhang at the door.
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