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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
There's a garage entrance to Washington visible on the south elevation.

I don't get your point about the slope, though. As far as I can tell, this has underground parking - the renderings very clearly show level floorplates and drop ceilings in the annex.

They probably won't do too much excavation - 1 or 2 levels of parking below-grade. Remember, offices provide very little parking - River Point has 1 space for every 4500sf (200 spaces overall, projected occupancy of 2500).
The front plates do look flat. But look at the back half of the roofline. It approaches the north face of the main tower a full floor above the front half. A garage doesn't need sloped floors on all sides, just on one.

I could be wrong - none of us really know what's going on there - but if it's parking, it looks like several other older buildings downtown - it wouldn't be some radically new design to do it that way.
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