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Originally Posted by denizen467 View Post
There is kind of a chess move aspect to this, because if/when this is built, it will become a little harder for the owners of the property to the N to build and market a tall Class A tower, as it would have no southern views to offer. Had the Crowns waited, they would be the ones with the tougher sell.

It's like the Crain's article from a couple weeks ago about Hines pulling the trigger on doing River Point on spec -- coming out of a recession, the first mover has a big advantage, and the last mover gets hosed.

Separately, I am still hoping 101 Wacker eventually gets torn down and replaced with a marquee skyscraper, which will also be somewhat harder due to 130 Franklin. Although it'll probably be the 2020s++ before we again see any Wacker towers getting demolished for bigger things (100 or 150 South may be earlier candidates, not to mention GGP).
I don't know General Growth has to be one of the more underutilized and ugly buildings on is an fugly embarrassment.
I was walking east across the river at Randolph the other evening around 6ish and it appeared no one was inside general growth at all. I know they declared bankruptcy a while back but is the building still being used by them at all or by anyone.....literally saw no one inside... eerie

Oh sorry see that you mentioned GGP missed that on my first response
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