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Can't speak for the rest of the forum, but I usually completely miss absolutely everything that is going on in Chicago because of the way everything gets lumped into the "general developments" thread and it takes a LONG time to sort through. I don't know how that tradition got started, but I sorta wish the Chicago folks would split it up and create separate threads for each project...

For example, with New York, I always check in on news on Brooklyn Bridge Park, Atlantic Yards, and the High Line; but I ignore the threads on most other projects (except occasionally checking in on longer-term projects like Hudson Yards) because there is A LOT going on across the world, and frankly, I only have time to check in on projects that are of interest to me for some reason. I'm sure there are some great things going on in a world class city like Chicago, but every time I've opened the "General Developments" page I have to sort through page after page of discussion about stuff I am unfamiliar with and lack any context for understanding. At least when each project has its own thread, you can go back to the first post and get an idea of what the project is about.

Funny thing is I usually completely forget Chicago is actively discussed on this forum unless something reminds me... I was reminded this time when I checked this thread because it looked like something "new" (or at least recently bumped) and read ChiPhi's comment. I suppose with only 30 posts to your account you probably aren't the best one to complain to about this, but rather than assuming nobody cares about Chicago and its developments, maybe the Chicago posters should realize that their city would get more attention on here if they'd just break up that stupid "General Developments" thread.
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