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Originally Posted by ChicagoChicago View Post
Quoted for Truth.

I live near Wrigley, and I can tell you that a large reason the area is in such great shape today is because of the stadium. The NIMBY's were all for the businesses coming back to Clark and Addison. Adding parking just means more people will drive instead of take mass transit. Don't give them an option, and you won't have this problem.
I agree with you there...I can see the required parking for the athletes, coaches, team owners, and even media...but there is no need to give people a reason to drive by making public parking around there. That is one of the main reasons why this city cannot depend more on transit, because we build so many damn parking garages in pretty much every building. Look at NY...they barely add parking to new condo buildings anymore and if they do its only about 50 places as opposed to our 300 or 400 spots. We have alot to work on!
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