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Originally Posted by jjslonaker View Post
My only concern, as a homeowner that lives in the Warehouse District is the lack of parking on all these projects, at least I’m on the outer side of the neighborhood. Albeit I get most are hotels and a majority of the guests won’t have a car. It’s just starting to get real tight as all these developments happen. I’m very happy to see added density and the disappearance of surface parking lots. I just think someone needs to build a parking garage (s) or add a floor of parking on some of these . On one of the parcels by Peche seems like a perfect spot. Something like 1111 Lincoln, Herzog designed garage in Miami could be a great addition to the neighborhood. All that being said, love to see all the development happening either way.
well thats not whats required there and parking garages dont fit on most of these lots... ultimately why waste prime space in a limited area for people to park there cars where they sit idle most of the time? it just irks me when people use a process meant to discuss architectural design for something completely unrelated. also, as you said a hotel brings far fewer personal vehicles into an area than apartment and offices will. either way the zoning is what it is and the newspaper should stop with the clickbait.. and word of advice to anyone here if you are buying property... condos or anything of the sort. do your research.. if you dont have deeded parking you arent guaranteed it, if you look over private property for views , you arent guaranteed those views. If you want to see a prime example of most people doing research right now look at the cotton mill and how long things take to sell there... zero off street parking for those units and the surface lots people are currently using their days are numbered... but thats how development works...
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