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Originally Posted by summersm343 View Post
Pennsylvania - New Hope is the prettiest village or town I think in PA.... followed closely by Jim Thorpe

New Jersey - Cape May by far

Delaware - Rehoboth Beach by far
PA: I drove through Lititz last year and was gobsmacked by not only how pretty it was, but how new development on the outskirts of town was being incorporated into the existing town center. Even though suburban, it felt very walkable even as you drove outward.

New Hope is very pretty but it doesn't feel vibrant enough to me. It's one main street. Lambertville across the river feels more authentically like a "town".

If we're considering bigger "towns", to me its hard to beat Lancaster.

New Jersey: Agreed on Cape May

Delaware: It seems odd to choose Rehoboth over Lewes. Lewes has managed to maintain much more of a town feel while Rehoboth is just sprawling in every direction everywhere.
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