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Originally Posted by SAN Man View Post
With 40 million people living in California there are going to be a lot of "pretty villages" around the state. Avalon qualifies as a village, the population is only 3,400. The setting is very pretty. It's nestled in a coastal ravine with a safe harbor, on an island, accessible by boat and cars are restricted.
Yes, Avalon is nice, almost looks like a French or Italian Riviera village, or a Greek island village with a more eclectic architecture and less whitewash. The Casino is a great building. Hard to believe its only 20 miles from L.A./Long Beach harbors where all the cargo ships are lined up.

Also like Laguna Beach, Coronado and Idyllwild in SoCal; Pismo Beach, Solvang, Cambria and Carmel in central CA; Mendocino and Ferndale in NorCal. In the Sierra gold country, Sonora, Angel's Camp and Nevada City are great and historic, and Downieville is a tiny village (292 people) with old buildings and beauty and quiet. Ditto with Markleville in Alpine County. Finally, deep in the Trinity Alps of far northwestern CA is the historic mining village of Weaverville.

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